2006-2009 Lola LMP1

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Naturally Lola's LMP1 would bear a strong  resemblance to their P2 car.  Ultimately the primary differences are a longer wheel base on the P1 version.

See Lola Head of Engineering Julian Cooper's thoughts about the design and development of the B06/10.

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2006 Lola B06/10 LMP1 Specifications
Designer: Chief Designer: Julian Sole
Chief Aerodynamacist: Phil Tiller and Dan 'the Wookie' Cox
Sportscar Project Engineer: David Scotney
Layout: Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Monocoque: One piece carbon fiber composite monocoque
Engine: Designed to accept any LMP1 engine according to the customer's choice, can currently accept:
>AER P32 T V8
>Judd GV5 V10
Gearbox: Lola 6-speed manual sequential gearbox with auto-shift option.  Bespoke bellhousing adapter depending on the engine installation.  Lightweight magnesium case.
Clutch: AP Racing
Steering: Rack and pinion.  Kyaba power steering as standard
Suspension: The front and rear uprights are fabricated from aircraft spec steel and TIG welded. 

Both front and rear suspension use double fabricated steel wishbones with pushrods and rockers transmitting the loads to customer specified dampers (Dyson use Penske).

Brakes: Hitco Carbon discs and pads, AP Racing calipers and master cylinders.  Discs (front & rear) 380 mm dia..
Wheels: Front: 18" dia. x 13.5" wide
Rear: 18" dia. x 14.5" wide
Tires: Front: 285/650 x 18” dia.
Rear: 325/650 x 18” dia.
Length: 4630 mm
Width: 1999 mm
Height: 1029 mm
Wheelbase: 2890 mm
Front Overhang: 999 mm
Rear Overhang: 741 mm
Weight: ballasted to 925 kgs.
Tank capacity: 90 liters
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