Advanced Engine Research P32 T V8

AER P32 T V8 Specifications
Layout: 75░ V8, twin turbo
Displacement: 3.6 liters ('06-'07), upgraded to 4.0 liters '08.
Valve configuration: 32 valves, DOHC, chain driven
Horsepower: 650+ hp @ 6250 rpm
Torque: 590+ lb-ft @ 6000 rpm
Length: 510.65 mm
Width: 605.7 mm
Height: 588.2 mm
Weight: 118 kgs including turbos
ECU: Life Racing F90

Details:  direct fuel injection possible, can be mounted fully stressed, drive by wire throttle standard, offered in a number of capacity configurations from 3.4 liters to the original LMP1 maximum of 4.0 liters.  Rebuild intervals are between 3500 (sprint engine) and 5000 km (Le Mans).

Changes for 2010 included the introduction of new design cylinder heads, blocks and sumps for increased power using specialized ALMS fuels. 

For 2011 the capacity of the P32 is 4.0 liters. The ALMS version of the P32 has diverged in details to the LMS variant due to the use of E85 fuel in the US series and slightly different rules parameters.
The engine is supplied in turbo form as the P32 T.  The NA capacity range is 3.4-4.2 liters with the 3.4L eligible for new class LMP1 in 2011 and beyond.

ęCopyright 2011, Michael J. Fuller