Advanced Engine Research P07 I4

AER P07 I4 Specifications
Layout: I4, single Garrett turbo
Displacement: 2.0 L
Valve configuration: 16 valves, DOHC, chain driven
Horsepower: 550+ @ 6100 rpm (43 mm dia. restrictor)
Torque: 457 lb-ft @ 5500 rpm (43 mm dia. restrictor)
Length*: 533 mm
Width*: 484 mm
Height*: 481 mm to cam cover
557 mm to plenum
Weight: 95.5 kgs
* Approximations, derived from scaling of jpeg from CAD screen shot

Details:  service interval 2000-25000 km in ALMS, 4500 km in endurance (24 hour) spec.  Mounted semi stressed.  The latest (2006) spec is the P07-E which includes a revised piston design, redesigned scavenge pump parts and new wastegate parts.

For 2008 the compression ratio and fuel injectors have been revised and new knock control software introduced in response to the reduction in fuel quality as used in the Le Mans Series following the introduction of E10 ethanol blend.

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