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1/24 scale Hasegawa YHP Nissan R92CP

See my write up on Hasegawa's new-tool R90-series Nissan All-Japan cars.

1/24 scale Hasegawa Calasonic Nissan R91CP

See my write up on Hasegawa's new-tool R90-series Nissan All-Japan cars.
1/24 scale Hasegawa Italya Nissan R92CP

See my write up on Hasegawa's new-tool R90-series Nissan All-Japan cars.

1/24 scale Hasegawa Italya Nissan R90VP
1/24 scale Hasegawa Mazda 767B1/24 scale Hasegawa Shell Porsche 962C
1/24 scale Hasegawa Leyton House Porsche 962C1/24 scale Hasegawa Kremer Porsche 962C
1/24 scale Hasegawa Kenwood Kremer Porsche 962C1/24 scale Hasegawa Brun Porsche 962C
1/24 scale Hasegawa Taka-Q Toyota 88C1/24 scale Tamiya Sauber-Mercedes C9
1/24 scale Hasegawa Calsonic Nissan R92CP

See my write up on Hasegawa's new-tool R90-series Nissan All-Japan cars.  This kit is the "missing link" I allude to in my 2019 write-up, this is the final variant of the All-Japan Nissan.
1/24 scale Hasegawa Sauber-Mercedes C9, 1987
1/24 scale Hasegawa Brun Porsche 962C
Le MansLe Mans, DVD, Steve McQueen

Does this need an introduction?  Superbly filmed, evoking the passion and excitment of the event.

Grand PrixGrand Prix, DVD, James Garner 

Some of the best filmed racing scenes ever.

Can-Am The Speed OdysseyCan Am, The Speed Odyssey, DVD The Speed MerchantsThe Speed Merchants, DVD
In Car 956In Car 956, DVD The World's Fastest IndianThe World's Fastest Indian, DVD, Anthony Hopkins

The Anatomy & Development of the Sports Prototype Racing Car, Ian Bamsery

While I can't speak for Jim Martin, my co-author on IMSA's Legendary GTP Race Cars: The Prototype Experience, for me Bamsey's writing, and specifically this book here, certainly were inspirations. Bamsey brings an ability to take sometimes esoteric technical concepts and distill them so that the average fan can understand them, thus bringing even more enjoyment to the sport. I saw the chapters I wrote for IMSA's Legendary... as extensions and continuations of Ian's work considering his book came out in late 1991. Hopefully I've done it some justice. Bamsey's book, bar none, is the starting place for anyone interested in the design and development of the Group C/IMSA GTP era.

Inside IMSA's Legendary GTP Race Cars:  The Prototype Experience, J.A. Martin and Michael J. Fuller

The Art of Race Car Design, Bob Riley

Ford GT: How Ford Silenced the Critics, Humbled Ferrari and Conquered Le Mans, Preston Lerner

How to Build a Car:The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Formula 1 Designer, Adrian Newey

I honestly didn't expect much.  I started out by cherry picking the March 83G chapter (where else was I going to start?) and was left wanting.  I picked it up again shortly thereafter and zoomed through the rest--it's a light read.  There's very little in the way of nuts and bolts details (forget about downforce numbers, L/Ds, specifics, etc.), but Newey does provide a good over-view of each project he was involved with.  He often talks about the concept of a "baked-in"design  advantage.  That is, an advantage or design concept that is so hard-wired it will take a competitor at least another design cycle to consider as its tied to long lead time items such as the monocoque or general car layout.  Newey wasn't the first to consider this by a long shot, but it is interesting to read about it and the lengths one goes to achieve it (read that rule book!).

I also must admit to still being dumbfounded he was being paid $400,000 in the mid-80s engineering an Indy wonder the rest of us are still so poorly paid!

This is a good Sunday afternoon read.

Beast, Jade Gurss

While somewhat outside the purview of sportscar racing, this is still one of the best technical motorsports stories to come out in quite a while.

Jaguar XJR Group C and GTP Cars: A Technical Appraisal of the V12 Cars, Ian Bamsery

Lola Sports Racers, R.M. Clarke

Aston Martin V8 Race Cars, Paul Chudecki

To be honest, I purchased this just for the chapter on the AMR-1, and it was absolutely worth it even if you were only interested in that.  I haven't read the rest of the book yet, but if that one chapter is anything to go by I'd expect similar.  Given the price this gets used, just buy it.

N.A.R.T.: A concise history of the North American Racing Team 1957 to 1983, Terry O'Neil

Ferrari 333 SP (WSC Giants), Terry O'Neil

Ferrari 333 SP, Dave Seibert

Jaguar XJ220: The Inside Story, Mike Moreton

Competition Car Preparation, Simon McBeath

Ferrari 330 P4, P3/4-412P, Joe Honda Sportscar Spectacles

Porsche 917: Archives and Worlks Catalogue, 1968-1975, Walter Naher.

Ferrari 312P and 312 PB (WSC Giants), Peter Collins and Ed McDonough

Alpine & Renualt, The Sports Prototypes, 1963 to 1969, Roy P. Smith

Audi R8 (WSC Giants), Ian Wagstaff

Gulf Mirage, 1967 to 1982 (WSC Giants), Ed McDonough

Matra Sports Cars: MS620, 630, 650, 660 & 670, 1966 to 1974 (WSC Giants), Ed McDonough

Porche at Le Mans, Sixty Years of Porsche Participation in the World's Greatest Motor Race, Glen Smale

Porsche 956 & 962: Immortal Endurance Racers 1982-1994, Karl Ludvigsen

Alpine & Renault: The Sports Prototypes 1973 to 1978, Roy P. Smith

Tony Southgate From Drawing Board to Chequered Flag: The Autobiography of One of Motorsport's Most Prolific and Versatile Racing Car Designers, Tony Southgate

Le Mans 24 Hours: The Official History 1970-79, Quentin Spurring

Porsche 908, The Long Distance Runner, Jorg Thomas Fodisch, Jost Nehover, Dieter Robach, and Harold SchwarzAlfa Romeo Tipo 33: The Development, Racing, and Chassis History, Ed Mcdonough

Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans, A.J. Baime.

Life of Spice: The Autobiography of Gordon Spice, Gordon Spice
Race Car Aerodynamics: Designing for Speed, Joseph Katz

Katz looks at advances in aero development and testing in a form that is easy to read and gives the reader the option to delve into the subject even deeper if they choose.

Ferrari Prototype Era: 1962-1973 in Photographs, Alan Henry
Competition Car Aerodynamics, Simon McBeath

3rd Edition.

McBeath easily breaks down a complicated topic and makes it palatable for the masses.

Competition Car Composites, Simon McBeath

Not as interesting as his aerodynamics book, but still a useful and worthy title for your book shelf

A French Kiss with Death, Michael Keyser and Jonathan Williams

Competition Car Suspension, Alan Staniforth
The Racing & High-Performance Tire, Paul Haney

Absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about the only part of the race car that actually touches the race track.
Formula 1 2014-2015 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2013-2014 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2012-2013 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2011-2012 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2010-2011 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2009-2010 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2008-2009 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2007-2008 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2006-2007 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2004-2005 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2003-2004 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 2002-2003 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula One 2001 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2000, Giorgio Piola
Formula 1 '99 Technical Analysis, Giorgio Piola

Piola's drawings are excellent and the books are worthy if even just from that stand point.

Porsche 917: the undercover storyPorsche 917:  The Undercover Story, Gordon Wingrove

Great companion to Peter Morgan's 917 book.  Wingrove worked for JWA and provides an insight not often seen.  Chapters on aerodynamics, engine, suspension, etc.  Only covers the Sports Car World Championship cars, not Can-Am.
Driving Ambition: The Official Inside Story of the McLaren F1, Doug Nye

Beautiful book that document's the McLaren F1's design and development.  Includes chapters on the F1 GTR and GTR Longtail.  Highly recommended.

Inside Racing Technology, Paul Haney and Jeff Braun

While it has chapters on various subjects (aero, suspension, engines) each is random, allbeit still interesting, in its nature.

Jaguar Sports Racing Cars: C-Type, D-Type, XKSS, Lightweight E-Type, Philip Porter

Superb book that details the Jaguar XK-120, C-Type, D-Type, and Lightweight E-Type racers.

TWR Jaguar Prototype Racers, Leslie F. Thurston

Easily the best researched book on the subject.  Excellent resource, covers all TWR Jaguar Group C and IMSA GTP race cars from XJR-6 to XJR-17.

Sauber-Mercedes C9, The Return of the Silver Arrows, Ian Bamsey

Having just finished this, I must say it was a bit disappointing in its lack of detail.  Here was an excellent opportunity to re-interview those involved with the car's design and development and instead it seemed mostly a rehash of articles contained within his other works.  And indeed, there's not even a mention of the enigmatic C292, the un-raced 1992 follow-on to the C291.  What a missed opportunity!  Alas this book still leaves too many unanswered questions about the Sauber Mercedes' effort and with the passage of time the ability to document the topic will unfortunately grow more difficult.

Porsche 956/962, The Enduring Champions, Peter Morgan

Morgan's 956/962 offering is extremely well researched if only slightly less compelling than his 917 book.  Though don't get me wrong, this is the book to have.  My only complaint, the quality of the images is less than I would expect though there are some very interesting, never before seen photographs (how about that turbo V8 powered 962?). Additionally, it is somewhat Eurocentric concentrating more on the Group C side than IMSA GTP.  Regardless, highly recommended.

Porsche 917, The Winning Formula, Peter Morgan

An excellent resource in a concise format.  Well researched and with good photographic documentation of the 917 from '69 prototype through to Donohue Talladega record run 917/30.  Along with his 962 book, Morgan's 917 work is a must for your library.  Though word to the wise, don't lend yours out, it won't return!  Highly recommended.

Jaguar at Le Mans: Every Race, Car and Driver, 1950-1995, Paul Parker

Parker's Jaguar at Le Mans starts out well enough with Tony Southgate's introduction, but then falls into a rather mechanical retelling of the various Jaguar efforts over the years.  If you're after a black and white time capsule of what happened at each event Jaguar entered '55-'95, this is for you.  If you want to know the hows and whys and are after more insight, technical or otherwise, look elsewhere (Thurston and Porter).

Scarlet Passion: Ferrari's Famed Sports Prototype And Competition Sports Cars 1963-73, Anthony Pritchard
Porsche Turbo USA, The Racing Cars, A Picture History, Lee Self and John Starkey Porsche Prototype Era: 1964-1973 in Photographs, Bill Oursler
Can-Am, Pete Lyons

Pete Lyons fantastic Can-Am book delves into each year of Can-Am with race synopsis for each event and a technical look at the noteworthy chassis. 

The Unfair Advantage, Mark Donohue

Donohue offers a very interesting, if somewhat biased, look at the development of the Trans-Am Camaro and the Porsche 917.

Prototypes, Jim Martin and Ken Wells

The book on the IMSA GTP era.  Excellent overviews covering most of the important people and teams in GTP.  Many never before published images.

Le Mans 24 Hours 2008,  Christian Moity
Le Mans 24 Hours 2007,  Christian Moity
Le Mans 24 Hours 2006,  Christian Moity
Le Mans 24 Hours 2005,  Christian Moity
Le Mans 24 Hours 2004,  Christian Moity
Le Mans 24 Hours 2003,  Christian Moity
Time and Two Seats, Janos L. Wimpffen

The tome.  Covering every major sports car race from 1953-1998 with a race synopsis, rare photographs, race classifications, chassis numbers, etc.

Theory Of Wing Sections, Ira H. Abbot

Good reference if excrututiatingly dry.  It's a reference text book afterall.

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