Kudzu DG-2

Camel Light DG-2

  • Chassis #004:  Buick V6:  converted to DG-2 WSC specification, tub was then used to build a new DG-3 WSC (to replace chassis #006  destroyed Sebring ‘95).  Raced at Le Mans ‘95 where it placed 7th overall.   Sold to Mazda Speed. Rear end assembly was used to build chassis #008 Buick V6 DLM.
  • Chassis #005:  Buick V6:  converted to DL-4 WSC, currently raced by TRV Motorsports

Regarding chassis #005, Courtesy of Mike Madden, Team Manager at  TRV Motorsports:

"To the best of my knowledge, this car was built for Andy Evans. It started life out as a stripped down tub from  car DG-2  #005.  The only thing that was used was the basic tub. The suspension was a new design as was the body work. The car then became DL-4 # 01 WSC (Mike adds: "As far as I know the tub of # 005 was taken so far apart that they [Downing/Atlanta] put on a new I.D tag and called it DL4 01 WSC. This is what is on our Kudzu").  It had a Olds motor to start with.  Andy took the car and had Scandia prep it for him.  It is not known if Andy ever drove this car in a race. We [TRV Motorsports] bought the car from Leigh Miller.  Leigh was using the car in his rental program and was using Chevy V8s for power.

Comptech was the engine builder. We used them as our engine builder for the two years that we raced the car. At the time we bought the car from Leigh Miller, he also had two Buick V6 Kudzu's .  Leigh told me that one of those cars had the top removed so as to race it in IMSA's WSC class.

TRV Motorsport changed the wing and rear body work for the 1997 season.  For the start of the 1998 season we changed the front body work and added a splitter.

This Kudzu is a very strong and dependable car.  It also is the fastest Kudzu ever made thanks to co-designer and project engineer John Greene.  John was employed by Downing/Atlanta for 13 years." 

ęCopyright 2015, Michael J. Fuller