1991 Dyson-Porsche 962DR2

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Dyson-Porsche 962DR2, Daytona Historics 1997, Copyright Mike Fuller 1998A very interesting Porsche 962 variant. Perhaps the most radical ever?  Designed by Art Center graduate Richard Yagami, and powered by the venerable 3.2 liter, twin turbo, Porsche flat-six, the DR2 was a substantial reworking of a racing legend. 
DR2's tub serial plate, Copyright Mike Fuller 1998The DR2's tub was fabricated by Dave Klym's Fabcar, then located in Atlanta (they have since moved to Indianapolis).  According to Klym, the DR2's tub differed from the factory's in that it was manufactured out of aluminum honeycomb sandwiched between aluminum sheet (as opposed to just aluminum sheet) with solid billet front and rear bulkheads.  Klym cites that the Fabcar DR2 tub was between 6 and 8 times stiffer than the Porsche factory tub.  Additionally, the factory Porsche tubs seemed to loose torsional stiffness over time due to how they were initially bonded at the factory.  The factory tubs were riveted and then bonded together with a tape adhesive that needed to be oven cured.  Story goes that Porsche would fabricate X-number of tubs and then oven cure a entire run.  So the first tubs fabricated in a given time period sat until an entire run was ready for the oven. The adhesive's out-life was such that the tubs that waited the longest before heat curing were the ones that degraded the quickest. The resin in the adhesive essentially began to cure out as the tubs sat waiting to head into the oven thus reducing the adhesion characteristics when they did finally see heat.
Dyson-Porsche 962DR2's rear wing, Copyright Mike Fuller 1998The triple element wing was designed for maximum downforce.  The hole in the end plate more than likely allows for more airflow volume to interact with the wing with the idea simply to make downforce more efficiently. 

Yagami indicated that the DR2's development did not benefit from wind tunnel testing. 

962DR2's undertray, Copyright Mike Fuller 1998The 962DR2's underbody was substantially altered from the factory (compare with the Joest 962C).  The pancake nature of the flat-six and its packaging difficulties is evident here.
Dyson-Porsche 962DR2, Daytona Historics 1997, Copyright Mike Fuller 1998The DR2 debuted at Watkins Glen, Round 10 (of 14) of the 1991 IMSA season.  Qualifying 10th, the Porsche DNF'd with engine trouble in the race.  At Laguna Seca, the DR2 qualified 9th and finished 6th.  At Portland, the Dyson DR2 qualified 7th but finished in 14th place some 17 laps down.  The DR2 finished out the season at Road America (Round 13) where it again succumbed to mechanical woes (clutch).  The car was absent at the Del Mar season finale. 
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