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As a result of the motivation "acquired" from the past experience of the cyclical nature of motorsports employment, I decided to solicit resumes for those who are out of work and looking.  Many years ago I came to the conclusion that there simply aren't any viable resources for people searching for jobs in the racing industry; sites like simply do not know what to do with you but are great if you're say, well, an accountant.  My traffic might be modest, but I hear time and time again that this site is recognized by the sports car racing community and I know for a fact that those within the community, those that are in positions to hire, do look at the site (I've recently been "looking" back at those looking in on the site...IP traces show interesting things...).  So at very least we are being viewed by people involved directly in motor sports.  So, do you know anyone who is in racing and out of work?  Sports cars, Indy Car, F1, NASCAR, any series, and working in any capacity (from caterers to Chief of Aerodynamics), direct them here and I will list their resume for free.

To have your resume or job positions listed contact me at:

Please suggest a title that will go with your resume link (see examples below).
The preferred format for CVs is either as a .pdf file or Word document.  And just a little house keeping, I generally don't reply to these emails, but no worries, I've read them.  It's just that some times I take my sweet time.  Apologies!  If you don't see your resume posted in a timely manner a polite reminder is certainly within order!


Newer resumes towards bottom
  • Hubert Bonfili: 11 year experienced camshaft and valve train developer, Research and Development Specialist
  • Charles Atcher: Several years as mechanic and data acquisition specialist, engine tuner
  • Jame Manning:  Motorsport Operations Graduate with Le Mans experience as General Assistant
  • John Colbert:  Mechanical Engineer with experience in everything from sprint cars to Formula Atlantics
  • Aditya Madhavan:  Aerospace Engineering undergrad interested in seasonal internships
  • Ryan Howell:  UK race mechanic with LMS, Le Mans 24 Hour experience. Formula Student suspension design, vehicle dynamics, kinematics, data acquisition, etc. BSc Motorsports Technology University of Hertfordshire
  • Chris Hough:  UK Race Mechanic with F2, Belgian Touring cars, LMS and British GT experience
  • Tim Munday:  Race Engineer, Crew Chief, mechanic
  • Bruno Battaglini:  Determined engineering technologist with competition experience
  • Zackery Borton:  Mechanical Engineering Graduate, Formula SAE team leader with suspension design experience
  • Mathieu Neuville:  MSc student lookinf for a work experience as junior data engineer for the 2009 season
  • David Longman:  Race Engineer, Mechanical Designer and Race Mechanic
  • Matthew Parsons:  GATech ME with driving, fabrication, and design experience
  • Benoit Dametto:  Race engineering experienced in LMS, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Super GT (500 class) Hybrid race car (manufacturer program) in 24 hours race, single seater all levels
  • Lee Webb:  Experienced sportscar mecahnie/Compoisite Tech
  • Nuno Bandeira: Junior Data Engineer with experience as a mechanic in Clio cup, Seat Leon Challenge and Porsche Carrera Cup. Cranfield MSc student
  • Corey Melton:   Motorsport Engineering student with the experience to be an asset for your racing operation
  • Michael Cook:  25 plus years experience in the motorsports industry ranging from engineering support for top level Champ car and IMSA teams to overseeing design and constructionof new race cars and motorcycles
  • Avinash Shetty:  MSc Motorsport Engineering Student looking for work experience for 2009 season
  • Ankit Mathur:  Motorsport Engineer (Masters), Vehicle Dynamics+CFD Knowledge
  • Andrew Smeal:  Aeronautical Engineer/Aerodynamicist with limited ALMS experience
  • James Morrison:  Highly motived Formula SAE graduate with suspension design, team leading and practical hands on experience
  • Kyle Brand:  Experienced interdisciplinary engineer in Composites, CAD/CAM/CAE, Project Engineering
  • Kyle Wilson-Clarke:  Engineering Graduate with LMS, LM24 & A1GP Performance Engineer and SuperLeague & Group C Race Engineer experience looking for contract / full-time employment -
  • Doug Hands:  20 years of professional experience, from Truckie to Team Manager
  • Charlie Ping:  Simulation/data analysis Engineer with 5 years Indy Car/ALMS experience
  • Edward Brightman:  UK Race and Data Engineer with high level single-seater experience
  • Greg Case Race engineer with 15 years of experience in IRL, CART/ChampCar, and NASCAR, trackside, simulation, design, and data acquisition
  • Ken Addison  FormulaSAE graduate with composite bodywork and aerodynamics experience.  Two years experience in structural analysis.
  • Brian Acito Projects/Logistics/Spares and Procurement Specialist
  • William Watts Princeton Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduate with composite and engine control design experience
  • Mike Sales Crew chief, team manager, mechanic with 37 years experience.  ALMS, Grand Am, Indy Cars, F1.
  • Dan Barousse Mechanical engineering student searching for summer internship in motorsport industry
  • Peter Smith Motorsports Engineering graduate with hands on experience
  • Daniel Alexander Race Engineer: LMS, WTCC + GT and Motorsport Design Engineer: Unigraphics + SolidWorks
  • Chris Nelson Race mechanic with over a decade's experience available for fly away races
  • Thomas Nix An experienced wind tunnel test engineer, searching for a job as an aerodynamicist or wind tunnel test engineer in any racing series. Will be graduating with a BS in Aerospace Engineering in December 2010
  • Javier Garcia degree in Electronics Engineering, Coventry University MsC Vehicle Dynamics, Epsilon Euskadi MsC Motorsport Engineering graduate, GP2 Series Development Engineer.  UK resident.
  • Alex Hemingway Recent Purdue University MET grad, interested in entry-level motorsports and R&D positions
  • Tejveer Walia 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student seeking internship
  • Andres Bonano Mechanical engineer with over 5 years industry experience. Hands on, mechanically inclined and ready to perform
  • Dale White:  Team Manager, 20+ years of racing experience, GT2, LMP1, ALMS, LMS, ILMC and 24 Heures du Mans.
  • Chris Miller:  Aerodynamics Engineer: CFD and wind tunnel experience. Program Skills: ANSYS (CFD, Workbench, ADPL), CATIA V5, Solidworks, and Matlab. Composite Skills: Carbon/Glass/Aramid; pre-preg, cores, and vacuum bagging. Full Time: any location.
  • Kevin Lilla:  Mechanical engineer with experience as data engineer in Formula Renault 2.0 and student at the Ecole de la Performance looking for a job in Motorsport.
  • Matt Brymer:  Highly motivated third year mechanical engineering student with FSAE experience looking for a 4 or 8 month co-op job starting May 2012.
  • Richard Harris:  Race car engineer with a 2:1 BEng (Hons) Motorsport Engineering Degree, with extensive mechanical experience as a qualified automotive and race car chief mechanic.
  • William R. Bohn:  Industrial Designer and vehicle development engineer with 35+ years experience.
  • Matthew Slama:  Mechanical Engineer undergrad with 3D modeling experience.
  • Peter Symes-Thompson:  Highly motivated aerospace graduate with extensive composites experience looking to start motorsport career available Summer 2012
  • Jeremy Smith:  Senior graduating ME seeking field in motorsports.
  • Bradford Wilson:  US-based energetic and motivated DAG/Assistant Engineer looking for full-time or fly-in positions
  • Justin Taylor:  Experienced prototype race engineer.  Worked through the ranks: mechanic --> DAG --> assistant engineer --> race engineer
  • Chris Drew:  Junior Engineer with both FSAE and Grand-Am Experience.  Interested in Junior or Data Engineering positions.
  • Andrew Balfour:  Very experienced mechanic/engineer with over 20 years of racing historic/ modern, single seater/gt/prototype
  • Jacob Strack:  5th year ME student seeking work in motorsports industry
  • John W Cullen:  Mechanical Engineering Student with CADD degree and National Certification seeking internship
  • Sumesh Patil:  M.S Automotive Engineering (Specialization in Vehicle Dynamics), Formula Student Experience
  • Suhas BR:   I have industrial experience where I completed my final year project and I have also completed few internships and am an active analyst.
    I have the dream of working with AEROSPACE technologies. I have completed Design software like SOLID EDGE, AUTO CAD, CATIA V5, NX, and also BIW Fixture Design, ROB CAD, ANSYS,
    Robotic simulation, HYPERMESH (LS-DYNA).  I am passionate about RACING (NASCAR, F1, any motorsport).  Experience has taught me how to build strong relationships with all departments at an organization. I have the ability to work with in a team or cross-team.
  • Kristian Baldwin:  BEng (hons) Motorsport Engineering Graduate seeking full/part time employment, internship or experience (paid or unpaid) within industry previous experience with National Stock Cars during practice sessions. Mainly data acquisition and analyst, and assisting race engineer and technicians setup up race car.  Desperate for an "in" into the industry, whether it be paid or not, eager to gain experience and knowledge.
  • Michael Henson:  Mechanical Engineering (BSME) graduate with 4 years of Baja SAE experience, looking for work or internship in motorsport. References.
  • Ponnappa Bheemaiah Meederira:  I hold a masters degree in Motorsports engineering from Purdue University, Indianapolis. I hold a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.
    My specialization is in the area of Motorsports Aerodynamics. I have worked with Prof. Andrew Borme (Formula 1 Engineer) on the Aerodynamic development of Formuyla SAE car for 2 years. 


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