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GV5 S1

GV5 S2
Judd GV5 S2

GV5.5 S2
Judd GV 5.5 V10

Judd GV5 V10 Specifications
Layout: 72░ V10, normally aspirated
Displacement: GV5 S1 & S2: 4997 cc
GV5.5 S2: 
5498 cc
Valve configuration: 40 valves, DOHC
Horsepower: GV5 S1 & S2: 600+ bhp @ 7800 rpm (2 x 32.7 mm restrictors)
800+ bhp @ 10000 rpm (un-restricted)

GV5.5 S2:  650+ bhp @ 7000 rpm
Torque: GV5 S1 & S2: 445 lb-ft. @ 6500 rpm (2 x 32.7 mm restrictors)
465 lb-ft. @ 7500 rpm (unrestricted)

GV5.5 S2:  500+ lb-ft @ 6500 rpm
Length: 622.5 mm
Width: 569 mm
Height: 532 mm (height to airbox tray, excluding trumpets)
Weight: GV5 S1: 159 kgs
GV5 S2: 130 kgs
GV5.5 S2: 135 kgs 

Dry weight, which includes flywheel and wiring harness but excludes clutch and exhaust

2006 developments have culminated in the GV5 S2 variant.  The primary difference is a new cylinder head design and single piece casting has been introduced that has allowed a 20 kgs weight savings over the standard GV5.

In 2007 the GV5 S2's capacity was increased to 5.5 liters and the engine was renamed the GV5.5 S2.

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