Mazda Lola  B2K/42

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Here is the story.  The chassis is a Lola B2K/40.  The car has been  designated by Lola a B2K/42.  The 2 indicating the addition of a two rotor engine.  The car required relocation of the height of the gearbox to match up with the higher center of the eccentric shaft of the two rotor, and return of  the suspension points to the original Lola  placement. 

The two rotor is a single turbo with original Lola air intake hump by the drivers head being used to feed the intercooler.  An intake scoop similar to the DLM provides air to the turbo. 

The sponsor CrocoTile is one of over 20 companies that Dennis and Pat Spencer own. The company has provided sponsorship to Downing, Woman's Global GT, Archangel Motorsports and many other teams and organizations. 

The third driver will be Ryan Hampton Just like at Daytona and at The Glen this year.  The team won class at the Glen the last two years in a row.  The DLM was the first SR2 to ever take an overall podium win at this years 6 hour race with a third overall.  You'll remember that the top three cars were the three oldest cars in the race.

The DLM had undergone significant development since it left the Downing team several years ago.  There is no better sports racer. 

It is noteworthy that the new car has not turned a single lap in it's final race trim.  Only tested for cooling at South Carolina Motorsports Park.  Homologation is in process and will likely not be completed until the car arrives at the track on Tuesday.

Tech is Tuesday morning.  This will tell all.  If the car makes it through the ACO, we will race.  We will try our best before the Thursday deadline.  If not, then we will know what to fix for Sebring.  The project started as an attempt to build a "kit" that would allow the transplant of Mazda engines in ALMS cars as well a three rotor in Grand-Am cars. 

We did this same kind of last minute thing in 1999 and the guys pulled it off and we raced (Petit Le Mans '99, turbo 3-rotor transplanted into the Kudzu DLM). 

When you stop to think about it, working in our shop in  Atlanta are some of the best talent that ever graduated from the Downing School of Race Art. 

The team of Team Spencer Motorsports will get the job done.

Dennis Spencer

There you have it.  So there is hope for all you Mazda fans of seeing a Mazda powered prototype racing in the ALMS in 2002.

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