2001 Riley & Scott MkIIIC

Three questions with Bill Riley:

What are the provisions for the MkIII Series C to run under Grand-Am full roll hoop rules?

The car does get a roll hoop like the Cadillac had at Daytona last year.  Having a single roll hoop car and adding the tubes turned out to be better than having a true dual roll hoop.

Is there going to be a Le Mans spec?

The car is not far from Le Mans spec.  In 2000 I ran more downforce (and drag) at Le Mans than I ran at Daytona.  It has turned into a downforce track.  There is no reason for this change.  I think it is just evolution.  Remember Le Mans is never open for testing so the evolution of what package works the best is slower than at most tracks that are open for testing.  To tune the car for Le Mans you would remove the dive planes and lower the flap and wing.

In relative terms, how does the Series C's chassis stiffness compare to a carbon tubbed sports car like the Cadillac?  How does it compare to the MkIII?

The MKIIIC will be between the Cadillac and the MKIII.  The Cadillac is about 40% stiffer than the old MKIII.

ęCopyright 2001, Michael J. Fuller