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Mulsanne's Corner NEWS isn't meant to be THE source for up to date news items.  Instead what we are doing is providing an archive for information collected through out the Net related to new car developments.  Occasionally we do post first hand gathered items, but most of the time it is news from secondary sources such as Daily or Autosport (they are much better at it than we are!).  We will provide all sources for any news item shown here.

February 2002

>>And the answer is....Nissan P35.  Mike Mulligan and J. Hova got the correct answer.  No prize, just the prestige of knowing your sports cars! 

Chris Randall and his father are in the process of rebuilding the P35.  It is one of the aluminum monocoque variants of P35, thought to be car #2.  Currently the car is sans motor and Randall is looking to procure a light-weight, Nissan NPTI, V6 turbo, that had been designed as an option for the P35. 

>>Guess the sports car!  Email your guess here.  Image courtesy of Chris Randall:

>>Dailysports car has retracted the Dyson MG-Lola story But apparently the Dyson team is going to run a Crawford at Homestead on an evaluation basis. 

>>Update to the WR-Mazda 675 story.  Apparently a 4-rotor Mazda engine is being installed!  So scratch the 2-rotor and 3-rotor speculation.  They're going for the Full Monty! 

>> scoop!  Dyson to race MG-Lola in ALMS!

>>More Dyson news.  Unless it is a mistake, under the entry list for the Homestead Grand-Am race is a Crawford-Judd listed for car #16, Dyson racing.  Many thanks to Nelson Valkenburg for spotting that one.

>>Downing/Terada/WR-Mazda plans clarified.  Autoexe has entered a Mazda powered WR for Sebring.  The WR will be running in the LMP675 category.  No mention to what Mazda power unit, either the normally aspirated 3-rotor or turbo 2-rotor. Considering that Dennis Spencer homologated his Lola-Mazda with turbo 2-rotor power, that motor is the more likely candidate.  Jim is listed in the driver line up along with Yojiro Terada.  The third driver is yet to be named.  Autoexe plans on entering Le Mans.  Image courtesy Autoexe.

>>KnightHawk Racing to field privateer MG-Lola.  KnightHawk Racing previously ran a Lola B2K/40 LMP675 in the 2001 ALMS season.   This is the first MG to be provided to a private team. 

>>Daytona 24 results
1. #27 Doran Dallara Judd
2. #36 Mathews R&S MkIIIC Ford (Elan Power)
3. #8 Lola-Nissan B2K/40 SRPII
4. #38 Champion Lola B2K/10 Porsche
5. #3 Jaguar XK8 GTS
6. #22 Lola Nissan B2K/40 SRPII
7. #66 Porsche GT3R
8. #77 Viper GTS-R
9. #44 Porsche GT3-R
10. #86 Porsche GT3-R
12 #63 Mazda Kudzu DLY
716 laps
710 laps
695 laps
681 laps
675 laps
670 laps
669 laps
665 laps
664 laps
661 laps
654 laps

>>Daytona line up, qualifying in very hot (or pleasently hot to some) conditions:
1. #27 Doran Dallara Judd
2. #49 Ascari A410 Judd
3. #2 Crawford SSC2K Judd
4. #36 Mathews R&S MkIIIC Ford (Elan Power) 
5. #16 Dyson R&S MkIII Ford
6. #13 Ferrari 333SP
7. #20 Dyson R&S MkIII Ford 
8. #38 Champion Lola B2K/10 Porsche
9. #74 Robinson R&S MkIIIC Judd
10. #37 Intersport Lola B2K/10 Judd
11. #19 Ascari KZT-1 BMW
14.  #63 Mazda Kudzu DLY

>>From Autosprint Magazine, courtesy of Andrea from Italy.  Panoz Mugen LMP07 engine installation:


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