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November/December 2012
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HPD ARX-03c testing, November 201211.19.12

>>An HPD press release from November 16th fleshes out a few details of what the ARX-03c 2013 LMP update will entail.  From the press material we understand the -03c will be running wide fronts as well as the front suspension geometry, steering, and bodywork changes to go with that.  And we can see the bodywork changes are pretty minor; the expected new front fenders and new (though similar to what we've seen before) diveplanes.  


Audi R18 testing, November 201211.15.12* updated 11.19.12

>>So a shot of the Audi R18 testing at Spa shows up today on the Facebook page (thanks Jake Yorath for pointing that out)...

Naturally you can't help but look at it.  And then note the changes...

For now it appears the front end is largely unchanged.  Give me 24 hours, maybe I'll change my mind.  But the front fenders appear to be the same, the front BHHs same, nose box,etc...
Audi R18 testing, November 2012But the rear end is another story.  The entire engine cover has been re sculpted through the center section with a new very prominent blend dominating the central section (1).  This blend terminates in a peak at the trailing edge of the engine cover that from this angle appears much taller than the 2012 version.  Makes you wonder what's going on underneath as the bodywork has been offset locally and would appear to be further away from the mechanical bits (engine exhaust for instance).  Cooling related, perhaps?

There's also a large blister (2) ahead of blend.  Related?

The inboard shape of the trailing edge of the rear fender (3) is also changed.  It fades away pretty quickly past the tire (much more so than previously), not too differently than the OAK LMP.

Finally, it would appear that the leading edge of the rear fender is shorter (4).

So overall, for me the main takeaway is the suggestion that something mechanically has changed at the rear of the car prompting the obvious bodywork changes.  What could that be?  We can certainly guess.  And a revised rear-drive hybrid system would be a reasonable guess...

Meh, maybe not so much.  A sympathetic insider at Audi indicates that the central blend (1) has been on the car all season, it's just highlighted here because of the bare carbon.  We're so used to seeing the white livery which blanches out the details in this area...The blister (2) has been revised, but only slightly.  And the leading edge of the rear fender (4) is unchanged.  So let me just walk back on nearly word on if my observation regarding (3) is's not.  Ugh.  25%.  I mean even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and again...


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