2000 Reynard 2KQ Debut

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Reynard's quick change transmissionMuch was been said about the 2K's unique quick change transmission.  At the time it looked like an overly complex solution.  And history bore that initially the 2KQ was badly hampered by transmission failures.  

As an anecdote, it has been mentioned that Jim Mathew's racing started the season with gearbox numbers 1 and 2.  They finished the season up in the 30s.  At some events they were sent crates of gearboxes and as the event wore on, the junked 'boxes were thrown right back into the shipping crate for delivery back to Reynard.

The composite rear end subassembly.  The gearbox could be slide in and out of the composite chassis to facilitate quick gearbox changes.  The rear suspension mounted to the chassis. 

Initial manufacturing issues saw the rear composite housing susceptible to flexion in high ambient temperature situations

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