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I try and respond to each inquiry and Mulsanne's Corner generates a lot of email.  But in the end this web page is just a hobby.  Please understand if my response is slow in coming.  To help speed this process keep inquires reasonable.

Students doing research: please do not email general inquiries such as "where can I find sports car technical information on the web?”  You're in school to do just that, research.  I don't have the time to do it for you.  Of course if you have specific questions don't hesitate to ask.  You'll find a list of books I recommend related to sports car racing here.

Any requests for aerodynamics consultations will have to be met with financial compensation.  Please do not email me regarding modifications to your road going vehicle.  I don't have the time to respond to your request and frankly I'm not interested in the potential liability.  Additionally, It's one thing posting masses of information for free on the Internet, but to consult for free?  I certainly don't have the time for that...

If you would like your web page added to the links section use the below email link.  I have an open policy regarding what web pages I put in the links section as long as it is sports car or Le Mans related.  I encourage amateur photographers and those with personal web pages dedicated to sports car racing to put in your link request!  Mulsanne's wouldn't be what it is without the input of fellow enthusiasts.  The only thing that I ask in return is that you add a reciprocal link to your page.  As part of requesting a link, please suggest an appropriate section to add your link to on the Links page.

Due to the large volume of spam I receive, please make sure that you include a clear title in the subject line of your email.  I have a policy of deleting email from unfamiliar sources without even looking at the body of the email's text. 

If you're planning on emailing me a large image/attachment (multi megabites in size), clear it with me first please just out of courtesy.  Not that it's ever been needed, but I have setup a public ftp site just in case.  Email me for login, passwords, etc.  I think I know how to use it...

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