2000 Reynard 2KQ Debut

Image copyright and courtesy Marc Urbano and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Reynard 2KQ, Daytona 2000The splitter, looking at the underside.  Very flat with a spanular 'kick' that feeds into the side pods.  The 2KQ made its top side downforce by slowing the air down with its blunt body work and giving that slow air a surface to act upon.
Reynard 2KQ, Daytona 2000At the time it was reported that the 2KQ's splitter suffered from flexion at maximum downforce.  This was remedied by attaching stays from the outboard splitter to the center chassis section.
Reynard 2KQ, Daytona 2000Hours of Computational Fluid Dynamics have come to the same, or near same, solution that NPTi had with their early 90s Nissan GTP turbo inlets.  By eliminating the airbox and utilizing these scoops for engine induction, the 2KQ reduced frontal area and improved airflow to the rear wing. 

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