2000-2001 Reynard 2KQ LM & 01Q

Image courtesy and copyright Chris Abele, Doug Koza, and Pat Michl
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The 2KQ "LM" variant features a number of new changes.  First and foremost, the front fender has been brought forward reducing the amount of splitter area.  This time the car has proper headlights afforded by the comparatively spacious amount of room in the new bodywork (compared to the very blunt debut 2KQ fender).  The front overhang dimension is unchanged (compare the distance between the nose and the end of the splitter to the original variant).  The 2KQ's splitter now features a small notch (yellow arrow) to reduce underbody starvation at low ride heights.

These pictures were taken at Sears Point ('00) where higher overall downforce is required (generated by increased rear wing).  Note the large dive plane as well as the black gurney strip in front of the wheel well used to balance the chassis. 

The ROC VW 2KQ, Petit Le Mans 2001.
Dick Barbour's 01Q, Petit Le Mans 2001.  Note the wide plank in the center section coming forward to the leading edge of the splitter.  There also are two strakes, one each to the left and the right of the plank.

ęCopyright 2000, Michael J. Fuller