2007-2011 Acura/HPD ARX-01a, b, c, d, & g

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Courage Acura LC75The original Courage LC75 rear wing was a straight extruded section capped with rather square endplates on either end.  The vertical extension simply helped stabilize the rear assembly attaching the endplate to the rear legality structure.  This is the very early LC75 variant and Acura never tested the car in this configuration.
Courage Acra LC75In early testing with the latest specification Courage LC75.
Acura ARX-01a, Sebring 2007At the ARX-01a's first race, Sebring 2007, the Courage wing had been replaced by a new 3-D profile.  This wing would be used on the -01b as well.  The endplates differ slightly and have primarliy been redesigned to accomodate the modifications made to the rear end.  While the rear wing stayed in essentially the same position, the bodywork was effectively shorted by 150 mm and the mounting position for the endplate stabilizer strut moved forward.
Acura ARX-01c, Algrave 2010The ARX-01c utilized yet another wing section, this one being identified by the slight change in section at the outboard tips.  Though also note this is a mandatory narrow span (1600 mm) wing, these regulations were implemented starting in 2009.
Acura ARX-01c, Algrave 2010The ARX-01c also has swan neck rear wing mounts, adopted from the ARX-02a.  Also note the solid endplate without the trailing edge notch.
Acura ARX-01a, Petit Le Mans 2007By Petit 2007 the endplate had evolved yet again, increasing in area and now with a notch in the upper trailing edge.
Acura ARX-01b, Sebring 2008The endplate area increased yet again with the introduction of the ARX-01b in 2008.  The notch carried over though appears to have increased in size.
Acura ARX-01b, Petit Le Mans 2008The final rear wing endplate iteration.  The "pocketed" endplate debuted at the St. Pete ALMS race in 2008 (here, Petit Le Mans 2008).
Acura ARX-01b, Sebring 2008The endplates attach onto a small winglet (both the large area flat endplate and the pocketed version--both were used throughout '08, circuit/downforce balance goals dependent).

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