2007-2011 Acura/HPD ARX-01a, b, c, d, & g

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Courage Acura LC75The Courage LC75's front end layout.  Radiators are a midship and fed from the air that flows over the front of the bodywork.  Brake cooling comes from ducts inboard of the headlights.  The nose is raised though the function of the inlet underneath is unknown and in fact was taped off when Andretti-Green tested.  The Courage splitter is raised the obligatory 50 mm across 1000 mm at the front.  Large diveplanes complement the front end aero package.
Courage Acura LC75The ARX-01a differs in many of the details.  The front splitter design is the most dramatic change, Wirth Research going with a very interesting non-linear shape.  The -01a has a new nose though the fender shape and louvers are effectively the same (even if the headlight cover shape is vastly different).  Ultimately the -01a shares nothing of the Courage's bodywork.  
Acura ARX-01a, Sebring 2007The Courage monocoque utilizes the contemporary trend of blade type roll over structures.
Acura ARX-01a, Sebring 2007The ARX-01a's outer splitter is a bolt on piece very reminiscent of an open wheel race car's endplate foot.  Perhaps too much is made of similarities between specific design elements of LMPs and open wheel race cars given the vastly different flow fields.  But I'll admit this is a spitting image of any number of endplate feet seen on F1 cars in '08.  It is most likely an issue that at the leading edge of the aero envelope the eventual difference in the flow field down stream doesn't matter.  What works, works.
Acura ARX-01a, Sebring 2007While by no means a complete documentation of all the dive plane iterations, here's at least a sample cross section.

Sebring 2007.
Acura ARX-01a, Petit Le Mans 2007Petit Le Mans 2007.  The upper diveplane has an outboard endfence.
Acura ARX-01b, Salt Lake City 2008Salt Lake City 2008, ARX-01b.
Acura ARX-01c, Paul Ricard 2010The fender was further redesigned on  the ARX-01c.  The louvers are now integrated into the fender and are not a separate removalable panel.  Note the outboard turning vane.  The turning vane is designed to reduce drag and is similar to devices observed on the Zytek LMP and Reynard 2KQ.  The diveplane has been designed to work in conjunction with the outboard dive plane.

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