2007-2011 Acura/HPD ARX-01a, b, c, d, & g

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Acura ARX-01a, Sebring 2007The ARX-01a's suspension design was ultimately limited by the layout of the donor Courage LC75.  That is, it would have been difficult to design anything more sophisticated than conventional pushrod/coilover (i.e., torsion bars). But with that said, the -01a did start 2007 with new Acura/Wirth Research designed upper and lower A-arms as well as pushrods.  In addition, new uprights replaced the Courage versions.
Acura ARX-01b, Salt Lake City 2008For 2008 a third spring element was added and the bellcranks revised on the -01b.
Acura ARX-01b, Petit Le Mans 2008The Acura's brakes and upright are covered in a carbon shroud to help focus and direct cooling flow.  Fronts here:
Acura ARX-01b, Petit Le Mans 2008Rears here.
Acura ARX-01a front suspension bellcrank.Acura ARX-01a, Sebring 2007
Acura ARX-01b bellcrank.Acura ARX-01b, Salt Lake City 2008
Acura ARX-01a, Salt Lake City 2007The Acura ARX-01a's rear end reveals upper and lower A-arms actuated by pushrods pivoting on bell cranks tied to coil over springs and anti-roll bars.  The ARB is actuated via a pushrod and are mounted at the rear of the gearbox.  Here was can see the separate cast aluminum bellhousing that is sandwiched between the LM-V8 and the Hewland gearbox.
Acura ARX-01b, Salt Lake City 2008The obvious difference between the above and the -01b here is the location and routing of the exhausts, though this detail appeared in late 2007 on the -01a and wasn't unique to the -01b.  Notice that the pickup point for the structural brace connecting the rear of the tub to the -01b's new integral cast magnesium bellhousing/gearbox is higher.  
Acura ARX-01b, Salt Lake City 2008In 2008 a third spring element was added at the rear as part of the -01b package.
Changes were also made to the rear bell cranks.  2007 here.Acura ARX-01a, Salt Lake City 2007
2008Acura ARX-01b, Salt Lake City 2008
Acura ARX-01b, Sebring 2009The ARX-01b was redesigned to allow the entire rear end to be changed as one unit.  Here was can see an entire rear assembly consisting of the rear undertray and attached legality side structures, gearbox mounting structure that the entire assembly mounts to, rear wing mounts and wing, as well as engine cover trailing edge.
Acura ARX-01b, Sebring 2009The rear mounting structure attaches to the back of the gearbox via these mushroom pins.
Acura ARX-01b, SLC 2009The pins locate into the four receptacles on the end of the gearbox and secure not all too dissimilarly to how a piece of IKEA furniture fastens together.

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