2009 Acura ARX-02a
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Acura ARX-02a, WDWT 2009The front suspension mounts to the monocoque through flexures.  This reduces friction within the suspension.  This is the trailing arm of the upper A-arm.  Note that it isn't encapsulated within the upper shroud indicating that the shroud has an angle of attack and that the rear trailing arm falls out of the shroud.
Acura ARX-02a, WDWT 2009Intricate legality panels/turning vanes.
Acura ARX-02a, Sebring WDWT 2009The upper valance panel has a flourishing up turn at its outer trailing edge.
Acura ARX-02a, Sebring WDWT 2009The ARX-02a's roll over blades are ultimately tighter in appearance if nearly the same thickness. Note the twin engine inlets vs. the single for the LMP2 Acura.  ACO regulations allow the option of one or two inlet restrictors in LMP1.

Acura ARX-01a
Acura ARX-01b, Petit Le Mans 2008
Acura ARX-02a, Sebring WDWT 2009Rear brake duct intake.
Acura ARX-02a WDWT 2009The brake ducting is heat shielded given its proximity to the engine exhaust.

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