2001-2004 Lola B01/60 (MG EX257)

Images courtesy and copyright Malcolm Strachan
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The MG's diffuser is very similar to the Lola B2K/40's front diffuser.
Note the lack of strakes other than the most outboard ones closest to the front wheel.  This may have to do with reducing pitch sensitivity.  Granted, the overall downforce level would be considerably reduced, but the low-drag MG would benefit from increased driveability from the reduced pitch sensitivity.
Note the slight indention that the tub creates as the diffuser is molded around it.  Both the MG and B2K/40 share that detail as well.
Looking up through the diffuser to the radiator inlet.  This gives an idea of the relationship between the diffuser and the radiator intake.

©Copyright 2003, Michael J. Fuller