2001-2004 Lola B01/60 (MG EX257)

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Lola B01/60Petit Le Mans 2003 saw the introduction of a Judd powered Lola B01/60.  The 2.0 liter AER/MG 4-cylinder turbo engine was replaced with a 3.4 liter normally aspirated Judd V8.  Both engines are similar in power and torque characteristics with the Judd getting the nod for simplicity of installation and maintenance and reliability of ancillaries.  The engine change required most of the mechanicals past the monocoque to be modified with a new bellhousing and rear frame structure being some of the more obvious differences.
Lola B01/60Lola-Judd with the 3.4 liter V8.
Lola B01/60Dyson Racing Lola-MG with the 2.0 liter turbo I4.
Petit Le Mans 2004The Judd's engine inlet has moved from a position just over the driver's head (between the supports for the primary roll over structure) to a position over the driver's left shoulder.  Also note the very odd inlet shape as though the restrictor is missing a cover for the truncated form.
Lola B01/60 Petit Le Mans 2004The turbo inlet for the MG/AER engine has a piggy back duct underneath the primary intake.
Lola B01/60 PEtit Le Mans 2004The turbo inlet has a pair of interesting exit ducts along its trailing edge which help extract/draw hot air away from the turbo area.
Lola B01/60 Sebring 2005Here we can see the extractor ducts are connected to tubing which is then positioned to draw hot air away from the general area of the turbo.

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