2005-2009 Lola B05/40

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Petit Le Mans 2005Again, the front fender shape of the B05/40 was directly inherited from the B01/60 (which in turn owes its lineage to the B2K/40). 
Le Mans 2005As seen on previous Lola models (see links above), the outboard fender profile has been fitted with an insert that softens the hard edge normally seen on the high downforce tracks.  Shown here at Le Mans, the insert fills in some of the volume of the diveplane area but more importantly reduces the hard edge break.  That this is a feature at a high speed track such as Le Mans must indicate an importance in reducing drag and shifting balance.
Petit Le Mans 2005This is the "low downforce" infill with a diveplane attached to the outside of the infill effectively making it a medium downforce addition.
Sebring 2007In 2007 Lola introduced an update to the LMP2 chassis (shown here on the Horag B05/40 Judd) which consisted of a lengthening of the nose, modification to the diffuser shape, and an infill for the front fender cusp.  The images here show the Horag car at Sebring in 2007.  They had both packages available and were back-to-backing them to see what they would race.  

This is the front fender cusp with the infill panel.
Sebring 2007Without infill here.
Sebring 20072007 length.  Note the nose is ever so slightly longer.  Compare lengths by noting the split line.
Sebring 20072005

Sebring 20072007, the outher diffuser shape is very different.
Sebring 20072005
Sebring 20072007, assuming the strake is in the same position, at very least the split line on the '07 diffuser is different.
Sebring 20072005
Sebring 2005A shot of the underside of the debut version of the B05/40 front diffuser.

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