2005-2009 Lola LMP2

Images courtesy dailysportscar.com
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The wind tunnel model of the B05/40 differs in the details to the final product.

It would appear that the pontoon fenders have a slight taper outboard on the model.  On the actual car the fenders are slab sided.
The rear deck appears much lower on the wind tunnel model.  The rear wing endplates are very different and do not mount to the bodywork as here.
The valance plate covering the radiator inlets is implemented differently than on the actual car.  Here on the wind tunnel model it is directly attached to the sidepd/rad inlet and is at the same height.  Where as on the actual car it is mounted to the pontoon fender (its leading edge is inline with the cockpit and the plate terminates just after the leading edge of the radiator inlet) and sits just above the sidepod masking it slightly.

ęCopyright 2005, Michael J. Fuller