1988-1989 Busby Porsche 962
Images copyright Jeremy Banks and Lee Self
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller
The NACA duct in the roof of the cockpit draws air into the engine's cooling fan duct (black).  The huge turbo sits atop the bellhousing with the waste gates branching off either side.  The massive intercooler, which is fed by the large intake in the engine cover, looks to be poorly positioned from a CG standpoint though this was status quo with the aircooled IMSA 962 runners.
The intercooler ducting arragement changed little '88 (below) to '89 (right) with the exception of addition of the periscope intake for the turbo.  Periscopes intakes have also replaced the surface mounted NACA brake ducts
West Palm Beach, 1988Another difference is the height of the rear wing with the leading edge of the endplates being at a steeper angle (and therefore the wing is positioned higher) on the '88 car.
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