1988-1989 Busby Porsche 962
Images copyright Jeremy Banks and Joachim Kutt
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller
The Chapman monocoque is noted by the billet aluminum front bulkhead.  Busby's team made many mechanical changes to the 962 platform ultimately making the chassis more adjustable as well as stiffer.
The front suspension is as factory though the spring's upper mounting point on the chassis is revised per the Chapman tub.  The fluid resevoir is remote and not integral to the spring/damper.
For 1989 the front wheel well was opened up in an effort to reduce the high pressure associated with the spinning front wheel.  This detail is very similar to Nissan's front wheel treatment on their GTP ZX-T.  Michael Colucci freely admits that the idea was to emulate their competitors.  Without a wind tunnel development budget, the idea was simply to copy those that had one. 
A program to stiffen up the rear end of the chassis was initiated.  Of the three subframe members terminating in the common point on the bellhousing, note the gold covered tube.  This frame member actually runs through the cooling fan housing (yes, we're still aircooled here--IMSA would finally allow the watercooled 962Cs during the 1989 season) eventually attaching to the rear bulkhead of the monocoque (upper left corner).
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