1993 Joest Porsche 962C

Images courtesy and copyright Karl Jennings and Wayne Fetter
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller
Hockenheim 1992, Joest Porsche 962CFirst test, Hockenheim 1992.
Hockenheim 191, Joest Porsche 962CThe prototype rear wings and endplate were manufactured by a German company though the quality was marginal and DPS Composites in the UK were used for the production pieces.
Hockenheim 1992, Joest Porsche 962C
Hockenheim 191, Joest Porsche 962CAs the concept evolved some of the details would change (endplate shape, wing mount, etc.) though the wing profiles would remain the same.
Joest Porsche 962C, Road America 1992Here at Road America in 1992.
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