2006-2008 Porsche RS Spyder

Images copyright Pat Michl, Will Vasser, and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Houston 2007Looking up into the '07 Porsche's front splitter/diffuser.  The front wheel is open to the diffuser and it is understood that the spinning wheel helps draw air into the diffuser.  Looking to the foreground you can see the truncated nature of the radiator inlet whereby it is wider at it's top than bottom providing a smoother exit for the diffuser exhaust.
Long Beach 2008Seen here in 2008, note the addition (compared to the Houston 2007 image above) of vertical splitters that connect from the secondary horizontal splitter to the bottom of the monocoque and direct air outboard.
Sebring 2007Of course this shot leaves nothing to the imagination.  Courtesy Penske Racing...
Sebring 2007The Jabroc outer splitter skid plates extend inboard horizontally into the splitter's regulation stepped (50 mm) inlet and is chamfered to form an edge that presumably sheds a vortex. 
Sebring 2007The inboard extension of the Jabroc skidplate.  Note the single outer strake is not normal (90░) to the surface.
Sebring 2008Note this outboard addition, Sebring 2008.
Petit Le Mans 2008A close up of the out board addition, Petit 2008.

ęCopyright 2008, Michael J. Fuller