2006-2008 Porsche RS Spyder

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Sebring 2008Business end.
Sebring 2008Note the traction control buttons (TC+ and TC-).
Sebring 2008Also note the launch control switch.  Rumors have swirled of a pit-launch system that piggybacks the car's airjack system.  We've heard that sensors on the airjacks note when the pressure drops (when the pressure is bled out of the airjacks in order to drop the car back onto the ground) and the launch control system then responds by firing the engine and launching the car once it is on the ground (with sensors noting when this occurs through strain gauges on the pushrods).  The time savings would certainly be worth it given the number of stops in an endurance race.  There also would be a built in fail safe of the inability to stall the car exiting the pits.

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