1992 Mazda RX-792P

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RX-792P, Sebring 1992, Copyright Mike Fuller 2003Taken at the 1992 Sebring (yes, the car was at the track), it is interesting to observe the mass of metal in front of the car.  Remember reading about all the troubles that Mazda was having with the exhaust catching the body work on fire (I seem to recall a car burned at the Miami Grand Prix)?  Well, that pile of metal is the many rejected exhaust systems from the weekend.  The car was damaged by fire in practice for the 12 Hour and Mazda withdrew the car for the race. 
RX-792P, Sebring 1992, Copyright Mike Fuller 1998I'll kick myself for not having taken more pictures.  I guess I was under the impression that I would see it again. 
Copyright Mazda Motor of America, Inc.The Mazda before it underwent the knife.  The course of a full season of racing saw the body work ventilated with holes for various ducts and cooling apparati.  The single element wing was never intended to be raced (just for the PR photo?). A  "Red Baron" multi-plane tunnel extractor type wing was eventually introduced during mid-season.  The RX-792P was designed by Lee Dykstra with consultant work done by Joseph Katz (of the book Race Car Aerodynamics:  Designing for Speed fame).  Joseph Katz  quotes a conservative CL= -3.8 and a CD=.7 for this car. 

Russell Chong has provided some late season images of the RX-792P that better reflect the Mazda's transformation.

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