1991-1993 Toyota Eagle MkIII

Images copyright and courtesy Ryan Hicks
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Ryan HicksWhile provisions haven't been made to raise the lower wishbone up out of the diffuser section, note that the drive shaft is encased is a small bulge, just clearing the diffuser.  The March gearbox is exposed to the diffuser air stream.  Up stream we can see the vortex generating strakes as well as the wide mouth (bell mouth) entry to the tunnels. 
Toyota Eagle MkIII undertray, image source: Dr. Joseph Katz's book Race Car Aerodynamics, page 208Here we can get an idea of the bell mouthed leading edge entry of the tunnels.  Note the different vortex generator arrangement.
Close up of the vortex generating strake.  The vortex generator is curved in plan view enhancing its vortex generating capabilities. 

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