2002-2003 WR LM2001

Images copyright James Davies and Juha Kivekas
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The front diffuser is very simply.  The sections directly in front of the front tires have very little ramp leaving two more aggressively ramped sections to reside either side of the tub.  The WR does not have a raised footbox/crash structure section.  Some of the air from the diffuser is grabbed by the inside face of the wheel well exit that is stepped away from the tub allowing room for air to flow into the sidepod.
At Sebring in 2002 the front diffuser sections of the WRs were filled with foam.  The only speculation here is that perhaps they were having stalling issues with the diffuser or aero. balance issue with the fore/aft downforce.
The wheel well exit is very large and sculpted.
Note the rear brake cooling plenums integral to the underfloor.
©Copyright 2003, Michael J. Fuller