2004-2005 WR LMP2

Images copyright Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Always one of the better looking front ends, the WR's front inlets direct all the radiator cooling air into the chassis.
The stepped front splitter.
The WR's rear overhang is to the maximum 750 mm.  The rear wing endplate mounts to the mandatory side structure.  Note the gurney mounted to the trailing edge of the side structure.
Regulations state that the rear wing can consist of two profiles as a maximum and that they simply must fit within 300 mm (horizontal) by 150 mm (vertical) box.  The WR's rear wing is the most interesting on the grid in that the secondary flap is being utilized as a wing in its own right.  Note the large amounts of nose up angle on the rear wing main plane.
Two strakes lie within the rear diffuser section of the WR's underfloor.  Note the lower suspension A-arms residing there as well.
ęCopyright 2005, Michael J. Fuller