Advanced Engine Research Mazda MZR-R (P41, P70, & P80) turbo I4

AER MZR-R Specifications
Layout: I4, single Garrett TR30R turbo
Displacement: 1998 cc, 90 mm bore x 78.4 mm stroke
Valve configuration: 16 valves, DOHC, chain driven
Horsepower: 500+ hp (42 mm dia. restrictor)
Torque: 442.5 lb-ft (42 mm dia. restrictor)
Length: 512 mm
Width: 410 mm
Height: 552.4 mm
Weight: 74 kgs

Details:  New AER designed engine with little basis in AER P07. Originally designated P41.  Designed to accept direct injection from the outset.

In 2010 the original P41 Mazda engine was replaced with the largely new AER P70 engine. The new engine benefits from a brand new block and cylinder head for increased power and endurance when used in the ALMS and for the forthcoming ACO LMP1 rulebook.

Dyson Racing used the engine during 2010 where the steadily increasing power made visible gains during the later stages of the season.  For 2011 the engine was extensively developed to achieve higher speeds and wider power range. Changes included a new inlet system, pistons, cams and gear train.

For 2012 the MZR-R is designated P80.  This engine can rev higher and as such has a wider usuable power band.

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