1992-1993 Allard J2X

Image copyright and courtesy Martin Spetz
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Allard J2XThe Allard's front wing with raised center section emulated contemporary leading-edge Formula One concepts with the idea of reducing fluctuations in the amount of airflow volume underneath the car with changes in front ride height.
Allard J2XThe function of the front flap is somewhat complicated by the need to keep the front suspension covered (FIA Group C regulations Art 7.1). 
Allard J2XShadow plates mask the A-arm's trailing link as seen from above.  They are also curved in side profile giving them some ability to contribute to downforce generation.
Allard J2XPushrods actuate the rocker arms to which the spring/dampers are connected.  The anti-roll bars are attached to the front of the tub.
Allard J2XThe simple formula-style brake ducts receive all of their cooling air from underneath the front wing and are positioned within the airflow being routed around the front fender.
Allard J2XThe raised monocoque is evident here.

ęCopyright 2008, Michael J. Fuller