1992-1993 Allard J2X

Image copyright and courtesy Martin Spetz
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Allard J2XThe radiators are completely contained within the rear pontoon fenders, just ahead of the rear wheels.  Inlet and exhaust ducting is short and simple, reducing part counts, weight, and minimizing complications.  Drawbacks would have been the vulnerability of the radiator and ducting in the event of a tire failure.
Allard J2XThe radiators exit out of the vertical face on the inner rear fender, into an area of low pressure.
Allard J2XExiting the radiators in this manner turned out to be particularly efficient and allowed for minimalist ducting into and out of the radiator.  The lack of cooling air moving thorugh the engine bay allowed for the reduction of the height of the engine bay exit to the bare minimum, achieving better airflow to the rear wing. 

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