1992-1993 Allard J2X

Image copyright and courtesy Hayden Burvill and Martin Spetz
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Allard J2XThe Allard's monocoque was manufactured in upper and lower outer sections, and upper and lower inner sections.  So in essence you had molded surfaces inside and outside.  This contrasts with the usual method of a female mold which results in an un-molded inner surface finish.   All four monocoque pieces were then bonded into one. This is a photo looking at the bottom of the male form for the lower inner monocoque section with the upper half in place. 
Allard J2XThis (right) is the completed lower inner monocoque prior to assembly (taken off the male mold form in the image above).  The upper inner skin was simply the inner panel above the driver's legs.
Allard J2XPrior to the assembly of the monocoque, the steel roll over hoop was bolted to the lower inner tub section and then the upper and lower outer halves were assembled, capturing the roll over hoop and making for a particularly strong and homogenous chassis.
Allard J2XAnother shot of the cockpit and the roll over hoop.
Allard J2XLooking into the footwell

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