1992-1993 Allard J2X

Image copyright and courtesy Martin Spetz
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Allard J2XThe Allard's bubble canopy.  The related Spice AK93 would borrow the concept (minimum cross section cockpit), if not the exact same canopy. 
Allard J2XOne of the concepts behind the pontoon fenders was to reduce the amount of "collateral" accident damage.  The separate fenders allowed for only the removal of the damaged corner (and not the entire nose) in the case of an accident.
Allard J2XThe bodywork, aft of the cockpit, is melted over the rear end of the car in order to lower it as much as possible to maximize airflow to the rear wing.  The engine intakes are minimalist at best.
Allard J2XNote the various NACA ducts in the flank of monocoque.  These feed general cooling air into the engine bay area.  Given the tight proximity of the bodywork these were most certainly appreciated.  We can also see the start of the underfloor tunnels ("wedge" shape) and note how far forward they are.

ęCopyright 2008, Michael J. Fuller