1989 Aston-Martin AMR1

Images copyright Michael J. Fuller and Dirk de Jager
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller
Aston Martin AMR-1The AMR-1's front end is dominated by its very large carbon fiber nose box.  Large carbon fiber brake intakes, flanking the nose box, direct cooling air into the brake and upright assembly via traditional orange wire flex hose.
Aston Martin AMR-1Ahead of the front wheels the AMR-1 had diffuser kick ups which, most interestingly, were hinged for adjustment utilizing a piano hinge.  Note the adjustment holes and pin.
Aston Martin AMR-1The direct acting spring/damper.
Aston Martin AMR-1An interesting detail is the front wheel well evacuation, notice how the wheel well exit is completely opened up to allow the high pressure air an avenue of escape.  The leading edge of the side pod is coke-bottled going forward so as to impeded the air exiting the front fender area as little as possible.
Aston Martin AMR-1The primary inlet for the oil coolers is located just behind the door.  This directly feeds the oil cooler.  There is also a secondary duct in the very leading edge of the side pod which augments the cooling for the engine bay and oil cooler by grabbing the exhausted flow from the front wheel well exit.  You get a better idea of the aggressive reverse coke-bottling utilized to help ease and organize the airflow coming out of the front wheel arch area.  This seemingly small detail was many years ahead of its time.
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