1989 Aston-Martin AMR1

Images copyright Alan Lis and Dirk de Jager
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller
Le Mans scrutineering 1989Great pains were taken to reduce the amount of protuberances from the mechanical package into the tunnel section.  The AMR-1's entire engine, bellhousing, and gearbox were tilted to pick those volumes up out of the way of the tunnel.  The leading edge of the Aston's tunnels started about where the monocoque ended.  And as best as I can tell, the tunnel walls were essentially parallel to car centerline.
Aston Martin AMR-1Exhaust gas was piped directly into the diffuser, improving its efficiency, but possibly making downforce throttle-dependent, leading to potentially destabilizing balance changes on/off throttle.
Aston Martin AMR-1The AMR-1's rear wing.
Aston Martin AMR-1The "flap" was unusual in that there was no slot gap.  It is effectively a single element wing with an adjustable trailing edge extension.
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