1999 Audi R8C

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Audi R8CThe R8C grabbed all its cooling, for both its coolant radiators and intercoolers, from the single nose inlet.

Initially the cooling intake was too small, such as the testment of a puking Audi engine in the R8C's first test at Paul Ricard.  The solution was increased inlet area and a reduction in top speed of between 10 and 15 km/h.  The end results, says Elleray, "
The car was then a low downforce, high drag vehicle..."
Audi R8CThe R8C's radiators were located just behind the front wheels.  This position proved rather awkward given the need to provide good airflow exit for the raised front nose box and diffuser.  Air for the intercoolers, which were located at the end of the monocoque, was ducted under the radiators.
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