1999 Audi R8R

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The R8R was rolled out to the press in 1998.  The car was very conventional in architecture with the front mounted water cooler, flank located NACA ducts for intercooling, top side pod surface located NACA ducts for the turbo intake, short Kamm-ish tail, and single element Le Mans configuration rear wing.
It initially appeared the show car had some style elements not meant for the actual race car, notably the four sets of exhaust pipes and the lack of a rear diffuser.  Overall the car looked "pretty", but not all together functional and certainly not ground breaking, even for '99.  Indeed, then-Audi stylists Luc Donckerwolke and Roland Heiler had a rather prominent hand in the car's exterior design.
The early version did take on the bulk of the initial testing proving the mechanical componentry as well as being a working test bed for further developments of the R8R series.

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