1999 Audi R8R

Images courtesy and copyright James Davies and Audisportpresse
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller
By Sebring, the entire bodywork had been redesigned, though the general cooling architecture was still the same; front mounted water radiator with mid-mounted oil and turbo intercoolers. It's our understanding that by this time the original designer of the R8R had left the project and aerodynamics and chassis design had been taken over by Michael Pfadenhauer and Wolfgang Appel respectively.
Air management had been reconsidered in many key areas.  The rear end was completely redesigned with the introduction of the longtail bodywork.  This allowed for a longer diffuser as the regulations stated that the bodywork had to mask the diffuser.  So in order to lengthen the diffuser the bodywork had to follow.  The air flow management out of the front wheel well was also revised.  Turbo induction was via the larger NACA duct in the top surface of the side pod (just ahead of the rear wheel); the smaller NACA duct provided air to the brake ducts.
Further testing imagery shows experimentation with turbo intakes which would eventually show up on the Le Mans car.

ęCopyright 2002, Michael J. Fuller