2001-2002 Bentley EXP Speed 8

Images copyright and courtesy Bob Chapman @ Autosport Image, Juha Kivekas, and Auto Sprint (via Andrew Stefanoni)
Text and images copyright Michael J. Fuller

Note the double element wing shown here on the Bentley while testing at Monza early in 2001.  Given the wing rules mandating that the profiles fit within a 40 cm (horizontal) x 15 cm (vertical) box, it makes more sense to run a double element wing than a single.  The reason for this is that for any given drag level, a double element wing will generate more downforce than a single element.  In this execution (ACO rules), a double plane wing is more efficient. 
Though at Le Mans 2001 the Bentley officially ran with a single element wing. 
At Le Mans 2002, The Bentley finally ran a double element rear wing. The double element wing was worth a 1.5% reduction in drag, for a 1.25% increase in downforce, and a resulting 2.75% increased in L/D.

Note also the louvers over the front fenders and rear fenders.  The NACA brake cooling duct that was the in sidepod flank last year, has now moved to the top of the rear fender leading edge.  For 2002 the car's overhangs were modified, shortened at the nose and lengthened at the tail. 

ęCopyright 2001, Michael J. Fuller