2001-2002 Bentley EXP Speed 8

Images courtesy and copyright Phil CK and Bentley Motorcars
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

Captured at the 2001 Goodwood Festival.  This is the view looking from under the car up towards the front of the monocoque.  Note the sculpted monocoque bottom and the strategic placement of the diffuser strakes. 
Note the very small footbox.  Up until January 1, 2001, LMGTPs enjoyed a footbox advantage.  That is, LMGTPs were allowed smaller footboxes (25cm vs. 33cm wide for LMPs).  The benefit is that there is more room to provide for a larger nose underbody diffuser.   For LMGTPs built past January 1, 2001, they must now confrom to the LMP footbox dimension.  Because Bentley were up and running before Jan. 1, they fall under the smaller dimensional rule (25 cm). 

©Copyright 2001, Michael J. Fuller