1999 Mercedes-Benz CLR

Image courtesy and copyright Mercedes Benz
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The CLR was more than a revised CLK-LM.  Compare the 1999 CLR (left) with the 1998 CLK-LM (below).  The main points of difference are the longer rear overhang, the completely revised nose shape, the revised belt line profile (area between the wheels), and the shorter (length) and narrower cockpit.  The tail has also been lowered though it retains the integral trailing edge spoiler.  Interestingly, the front over hangs seem about the same; long.  The revisions to the cockpit certainly improved the airflow to the rear wing.  Though in this top view the lack of any breaks (louvers, vents) in the body surface is striking.  How does the car generate front downforce?  Primarily via that very long, and notoriously pitch sensitive, front overhang.

The narrow nature of the cockpit is pretty evident here with its outer limits being within the wheel arches.  On the CLK-LM the cockpit width extended out to about mid-tire.  Note the position of the engine intake; at the time the photo was taken it hadn't been fixed as later (see above) it would move forward and start at the top of the windshield split line.

ęCopyright 2011, Michael J. Fuller