2001 Cadillac Northstar LMP01

Images copyright and courtesy Patrick Michl and Michael J. Fuller
Text copyright Michael J. Fuller

The '01 Cadillac LMP was never going to be more than a subtle revision of the '00 R&S designed original.  The time frame and budget simply didn't allow for it.  The biggest area of concentration centered on the way cooling air flow was managed.  Where as on the original chassis the major cooling airflow was taken in via large NACA ducts in the sidepods, the revised car employed ducts inboard of the front wheel fenders working in conjunction with modified ducts in the car's flank.  Also note that the grill is no longer a functioning grill but simply a sticker. 
The radiator receives a split flow, from the duct inboard of the front wheel and via the revised flank NACA duct.  The radiator air exhausts is also split.  Some exhausts out the side of the car, some out the rear of the car via the engine bay.
Note the vertical gurney that helps wheel well extraction.

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