Can-Am, Mid Ohio, August 11, 1974

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Regular contributor Pat Michl sent me these photos ages ago.  Taken merely 10 days after I was born (!), they are quite a time capsule of a phenomenal racing era.  Then, as now, the cars were the stars no question.  And men like Oliver, Haywood, Follmer, and Redman gained notoriety and earned a reputation by driving these amazing race cars, but they certainly weren't  the main attraction.
Brain Redman put his 917/30 on pole but was beaten to the finish by Jackie Oliver's Shadow.
George Follmer qualified the #1 Shadow DN4 second but had contact with his teammate during and subsequently spun out of the race.
Follmer's teammate, in the #101 Shadow DN4, was Jackie Oliver.  Oliver would go on to win the race over Redman's Porsche 917/30.
Hurley Haywood's 917/10 was running sans turbos during this event in order to improve fuel mileage due to the sanctioning body's newly imposed fuel limits.  The SCCA imposed the fuel limits in order to attempt to curb the turbo Porsche's winning ways.
By this time in Can-Am the formerly all conquering McLaren M8s were second class citizens running behind the Porsches and Shadows.  This is Lothar Motschenbacher's Mclaren M8F.
Monte Shelton and his McLaren M8F.
Hurley Haywood finished 3rd overall.
Dennis Aase's Porsche 908/2 ended up a remarkable 7th overall!  He finished 8th overall in the season points standings by racking up four top ten finishes.
Charles Bartlebaugh's, by now very tired and outdated, McLaren M1C.
All information compiled from Pete Lyon's wonderful Can-Am book.
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