Courage C41

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Daytona Test Session 1996

Courage C41 Daytona Test Session 1996The Courage C41 arrived in the U.S. in this configuration.  Carbon monocoque, low winged with medium sized endplates.  At the time the Courage represented the "second generation" purpose built WSC, the first generation WSC cars being typified as ex-GTP and GTP Lights machinery, with then-standard folded aluminum/aluminum honeycomb tubs, race cars that were converted to WSC spec.

Courage C41 Daytona Test Session 1996The Courage was the cream of the crop with its carbon fiber monocoque and slick, for the time, packaging.  Notice the footbox/crash structure anticipating rules that have just recently (2000 ALMS/ACO season) been put in place.

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