Courage C41

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Daytona Octoberfest 1996

Courage C41 @ Daytona Finale 1996This is a variation of the same theme from Road Atlanta.  Minor difference being the addition of dive plans and end plates outboard.  It is difficult to see in this picture, but the front splitter is slightly anhedral.  That is, the middle segment is higher from the ground than the outer segment.  This reduces the pitch sensitivity of the front end aerodynamics making the splitter less sensitive to stalling and choking the underbody (also known as porposing) in low ground clearance situations.

modified Courage C41 at Daytona Finale, 1996Now what is this bizarre creation?  Yes its still a Courage but with a familiar Riley-esque theme happening.  The Courage guys didn't do too many laps with the car in this configuration.  I was lucky to have even noticed it.  The original low drag nose package has been completely replaced with the front splitter and "shovel" body work.

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